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John Price Broker and Associates has over 25 years experience in valuing and appraising small to medium size businesses. We will value you business using established industry standards, decades of practical experience and actual sold comparables.

The importance of establishing a correct market price for a business for sale cannot be underestimated. A value to low will of course result in the Seller not receiving the return on their efforts that they deserve. A value that is too high means that good, qualified buyers will be lost as they move on to businesses that are correctly priced.

There are many other factors that effect the potential sales value such as Financing Options, the term and conditions of and Leases, the availability of any Real Estate in the sales price etc.

John Price and Associates will offer a free no obligation valuation for Business owners. Simple fill out our contact form and one of our Associates will call you and arrange to gather the necessary information to complete the Valuation. All information gathered will be kept strictly confidential.

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