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Listing No:07021

Detail:Computer repair & SalesDown:$35,000.00

Computer repair, anti virous removeal and sales. Only opened about !8 months. Did not make a profit in the first year but is now making about $4,500 a month after paying all expenses (48,000 per year) Located close to downtown Sanford and in a building that has plenty of office space to grow. Has all equipment required to service and repair all makes and modles. Carries very little parts and also sells parts on E-Bay. This is an ideal business for a tech that wants too repair or to sell computers and keep the traind staff or operate himself. This is a divison of a large company that no longer requirs it. Now installing and selling security cameras that will greatly inprove the bottem line.

Organization Type: Hours Owner Works:
Years Established: 0 Years Owned: 0 Managers: 1
Employees Full Time: 0 Employees Part Time: 1
General Location: Weeks Training: 0 Training Cost: $0.00
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