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Listing No:06798

Category:Meeting Planning & Exhibition ContractorPrice:$995,000.00
Detail:Corporate Meeting and planning ContractorDown:$700,000.00
Country:United StatesSales:$796,650.00

Company offers a complete and total package for exhibition or corporate meeting planers from initial concept to the supply of all staging, curtaining and the latest sound and video equipment that is supplied from its own fully owned inventory. The business is run by two partners who supply all first class equipment and a high class of technicians that have a track record over years of assisting planners to not only put on first class meetings but to come in under budget and to take the stress out of this type of function that is now part of corporate America's way of life. This business is ideal for a bolt on to a large exhibition company or a company that is in the planning business and would like a presence in Orlando.

Organization Type: Corp 'Sub S' Hours Owner Works: 40
Years Established: 12 Years Owned: 12 Managers: 1
Employees Full Time: 1 Employees Part Time: 10
General Location: Orlando Central Florida Weeks Training: 4 Training Cost: $0.00
Reason for Sale: One partner has a health issue and needs to slow down.
Operating dys/hrs: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm & as required Skills/Licenses: Management and Marketing/people
Business is: Relocatable: Y      Home Base: N      Franchise: N SBA P/Q: N

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The seller provides all data and financial information on this business for informational purposes only. The broker does not warrant the above information and advises the buyer to seek professional advice when purchasing a business.
This offering by the seller is subject to change or withdrawal without notice.

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